About The Network

The Sport Media Identity Network is an AHRC-funded network that links theory with practice by bringing together academics, sports media practitioners and stakeholders to better understand sports media practice.

The research network functions as a forum and discursive space to exchange comparative knowledge on evaluation and research. Its focus on gender as a through line will allow for a timely reconsideration of how fluid social identity and status categories operate simultaneously in the construction of sports media narratives. Participants in the network all have vital and complementary expertise, past practice and publication in the disciplines concerned and are currently immersed in debates relevant to the planned research.

The network's main objectives are:

To ensure that the future research into sports media is not only inter-disciplinary but also informed and directed by, and thus relevant to, professional practice.

To enable academic stakeholders to develop industry-informed research that will (i) reframe current debates around the (re)presentation of identity in sports media, and (ii) inform and shape teaching of the related disciplines. 

To enable non-academic participants to better understand their current professional practice, recognize potential alternatives to that practice and inform future practice either through the validation of current practice or the implementation of change.

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