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Anne Spaa

Doctoral Researcher

I am trained as an Industrial Designer at the University of Technology Eindhoven and have professional experience in service design gained at Muzus (The Netherlands) and Policy Lab (UK). At university, I focused my development on designing for health and speculative design. I have had the honour to show much of my product design work to the public through exhibitions, and have worked for public-facing design events, exhibitions, and conferences. As well as conducting my PhD at Northumbria University, I work for ACM Interactions magazine as assistant to the editors in chief, working to give others a platform to show their work. My current research interest lays in how design-led approaches transform professional practices to drive projects; making them more human-centered and opening them up to embrace question-led instead of solution-focused approaches. In my PhD, I look into how design-research practices are used at ‘the boundaries between policy making and human-computer interaction’, and aim to introduce HCI-inspired design methods to policymaking.





------- Anne's publications:


Spaa, A., Durrant, A., Elsden, C., and Vines, J. 2019. Understanding the Boundaries between Policy and HCI. In: Proceedings of ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’19), In Press.


Spaa, A., Wakkary, R., Frens, J., Durrant, A., and Vines, J. 2019. 7½ and weekend alarm: Designing alarm clocks for the morality of sleep and rest. Proceedings of Research Through Design 2019 (RTD ’19), In Press


Elsden, C., Gloerich, I., Spaa, A., Vines, J., and de Waal, M. 2019. Making the blockchain civic. Interactions, 26, 2 (February 2019), 60-65. DOI:

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