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Behzad Parniani

Doctoral Researcher

After graduating from aviation high school in Iran, I travelled to England as an international student to further my education. I studied Physical science and Engineering Foundation degree over at Newcastle University, then I travelled to Hertfordshire University to study aerospace in science and engineering school for my bachelor’s degree. After graduation I started a graduate business at Teesside University, where I developed and built a fully working prototype 3D scanner that can take a 3D scan just like taking a picture. After this I decided to further my studies in commercial law and started studying International Commercial Law over at Northumbria University. In the summer of 2019 I was fortunate to have the opportunity to begin my doctoral research with Pocket Money Games and Northumbria University to design and build plug and play systems that combine technologies such as photogrammetry, light fields and LIDAR to produce scenes with 6 degrees-of-freedom in a VR environment which is ready to use, manipulate and view instantly.





------- Bez's publications:

None at the moment, but come back later as there will be soon!

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