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Claire McCallum

Postdoctoral Researcher

I am a cross-disciplinary researcher working with interactive and digital technologies. My work is centred toward the design, development, and understanding of technologies to support new forms of interaction, communication, and, reflection between and by users. I worked in CoCreate between 2017 and 2018, working on the Loneliness in the Digital Age and CuRAtOR projects. I am now working as an independent research in Belgium.





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------- Claire's publications:


McCallum, C., Rooksby, J., Asadzadeh, P., Gray, CM and Chalmers, M. (2019). An N-of-1 Evaluation Framework for Behaviour Change Applications. CHI’19 Extended Abstracts, Glasgow, Scotland UK



McCallum, C., Rooksby, J., Gray, C. (2018).  Evaluating the impact of physical activity apps and wearables: interdisciplinary review. JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 6(3).


Shameer, K., Johnston, K.W., Readhead, B., Glicksburg, B., McCallum, C., Amjesh, R., Hirsch, J., Bock, K., Chelico, J., Hajizadeh, N., Oppenheim, M., Dudley, J., (2018).  Rapid Therapeutic Recommendations in the Context of a Global Public Health Crisis using Translational Bioinformatics Approaches: A proof-of-concept study using Nipah Virus Infection (preprint).



Rooksby, J., McCallum, C., Asadzadeh, P., Buls, D. & Chalmers, M. (2017). Some Design Challenges for Self Experimentation Apps.  Digital Health and Self Experimentation Workshop, CHI’17, Denver, Colorado, USA.

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