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Co-creating Visions of a Racially Equal University

Reem Talhouk & Simran Chopra

Racial Harassment, micro-aggressions and challenges in progression are commonly experienced by students and staff of colour in Higher Education. The growing evidence of such experiences has instigated a wide response within higher education including Northumbria University (NU) adopting the RACE Equality Charter.

In doing so, the university is committing to create a culture where people of colour feel supported to discuss, question, challenge and recommend action around racial inequality so that we may co-create futures of racial equality.

As we, women of colour and those who participated in this study, look to the future of higher education we also hold the pasts and presents of our racialised experiences in the wider UK higher education sector.

The images and quotes in this poster are a glimpse in to our experiences in academia as

a whole that we hope can help form better futures.

“New employee: So what is the dress code here, formal or..

Line Manager: Oh, we do not have one, we just wear casual clothing. If you look at (points
to me), she likes wearing bright colours, and bright make-up, which she does because of the colour of her skin”

“When I offered my views, they would lean forward as if expecting that they would not understand me. I do have an accent, but I speak very clearly. I would then see them sit back and an expression of realisation comes over their face, which I enjoy immensely”

“I feel that some rules are interpreted differently to benefit colleagues of white origin over those of coloured skin”


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