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Feb 07, 2023 Conferences and Events By Admin

Dovetails Opens 2023 MuseumNext Health & Wellbeing Summit

Henry Collingham from CoCreate joined our partners in the Beamish Museum’s Health and Wellness Team to talk about our newest research collaboration with them at this year’s MuseumNext Health & Wellbeing Summit, a global online conference for the museum and heritage sector.

The Annual MuseumNext, Health and Wellbeing Summit brings together inspiring presentations and actionable advice from those leading this work in Museums around the world. This year’s theme focussed on improving mental health and combating social isolation, building resilience in communities and serving those suffering from age-related conditions.

The work presented was a 12-week collaborative project between a mental health group for older men based at Beamish, and Kids Kabin, a regional children’s charity. Dovetails is part of the Centre for Digital Citizens (CDC) research centre, a collaborative project between Northumbria and Newcastle Universities. This project was the first in CDC’s research into ‘The Ageless Citizen’, taking an inclusive design approach working in spaces which are typically dominated by age-related stereotypes. This research theme is led by Jayne Wallace.  
Dovetails participant and Men’s Group Member, Les
During the project, workshops were provided amazing support by CoCreators outside the Ageless Citizen: Jill Brewster, Rickard Whittingham, and Sebastian Prost. Dovetails was also given invaluable support from Johnny Hayes, our senior technician in the design school. To find out more about Dovetails see the project video below, or visit  

——- Publications related to this project:

Collingham, H., Wallace, J., Brewster, J., Whittingham, R., Prost, S., Marshall, J., Benson, W., & Kindleysides, M. (2022). Co-Creating a Virtuous Cycle: Fostering Citizenship-Alliances through Making and Gifting. In Participatory Design Conference. Newcastle University.

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