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Elizabeth Gaston

Senior Lecturer

My current individual and collaborative research is organised into three inter-looping areas, each comprising of a series of linked projects located in knit design research. Individual Colour Innovation investigates the use of colour and light to disrupt pattern perception, challenging colour use in fashion and interiors and offers sustainable solutions to the impact of textile coloration. Collaborative Material Innovation extends the use of knit as a flexible, material system within architecture Multi-agency Societal Innovation uses design research to bring change in education policy, social inclusion, well-being and community in partnership with major national or regional organisations such as the Crafts Council or Leeds City Council. The unifying aspect of this work is the use of knit as a research tool. Knit research requires a unique body of knowledge, with an understanding of materials, technology, process and aesthetics. This combination can be applied to produce innovative solutions to real world problems. My research follows an interdisciplinary approach through collaboration, using methodologies from architecture, physics, psychology, dance and poetry. It has been disseminated widely in exhibitions, journal papers and international conference presentations.

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