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Embedding Design Thinking Multinational Organisations

Team: Dhrumin Giasotta, Stuart English (Northumbria University); Proctor & Gamble.


Funder: Proctor & Gamble


Timeframe: 2018-2021

Design Thinking is a proven approach to drive innovation outputs, however achieving an enduring adoption of a Design Thinking mindset and its tools can be difficult to achieve in technically focussed product research and development organisations. Adoption of Design Thinking requires a cultural shift to a human versus technical centred design, and research is required to understand the barriers, then develop and validate approaches to achieve the desired change and “to make it stick”.

This doctoral research project explores these issues through research conducted at the research and development lab of a large multinational organisation. It aims to translate the lexicon and concepts of Design Thinking into a language which is more relatable / accessible to non-design experts, and investigate ways to deliver training to encourage true internalisation and understanding of design concepts. It will also examine and assess available internal and external methods and tools for effectiveness and develop and validate improvements, and identify changes to work spaces and facilities required to enable the adoption of Design Thinking.


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