Co Create

Team: Angelika Strohmayer, Samantha Mitchell Finnigan (Northumbria University), Janis Meissner (Newcastle University), Rosanna Bellini (Newcastle University), and many many more …


Timeframe: 2016-

We are a group of intersectional feminists who aim to raise awareness of feminist issues in HCI by being overtly critical and political of the field, raising voices of underrepresented groups and topics, presenting tangible outcomes, and taking on an activist role for this. We create a supportive and collaborative environment in academia, industry, and beyond.

------- CoCreate members working on this project:

------- Publications related to this project:

Strohmayer, A., Bellini, R., Mitchell-Finnigan, S., and Meissner, J. (Eds.) Feminist Human-Computer Interaction: Working at the Intersection of Feminist Theory and Digital Innovation. Feminist Theory Special Issue (forthcoming in 2022)

Strohmayer, A., MacArthur, C., Spors, V., Muller, M., Vigil-Hayes, M., Alabdulqader, E. (2019) CHInclusion: Working toward a more inclusive HCI community. CHI’19 EA Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Strohmayer, A., Bellini, R., Meissner, J., Mitchell-Finnigan, S., Alabdulqader, E., Toombs, A., Balaam, M. (2018) #CHIversity: Implications for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Campaigns. CHI ’18 EA alt.chi Proceedings of the SIGChi Conference on Human Factors in Computing

Bellini, R., Strohmayer, A., Alabdulqader, E., Ahmed, A., Spiel, K., Bardzell, S., Balaam, M. (2018) Feminist HCI: Taking Stock, Moving Forward, and Engaging Community. CHI ’18 EA Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing


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