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Formulating Design Justice in Humanitarian Contexts

Funder: QR Pump Priming (Research England)


Team: Reem Talhouk, Angelika Strohmayer (Northumbria University), Hala Ghattas, Aline Germani (American University of Beirut), Sara Armouch (Newcastle University).


Timeframe: 2020

Health equity is necessary to achieve good health and wellbeing. However, in humanitarian contexts such as Lebanon, achieving health and wellbeing has been challenging. Challenges are attributed to the lack of recognition of around 1 million Syrian refugees’ rights as non-citizens which is further compounded by diminished rights to health, among citizens and refugees alike. These challenges lie within the humanitarian-development nexus and have created a competition between refugees and Lebanese regarding their social justice claims for health. This project aims to generate knowledge needed to formulate a humanitarian design-justice approach for humanitarian innovation.

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