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Jayn Verkerk

Research Associate

I am a Research Associate on the hiCraft project towards a healthier IoT through craft.

My research investigates the human experience of black-boxed digital technologies through critical making and co-design. Previous research translated online interactions into crafted textile outputs. Investigations into the digital imaginary of the cloud resulted in physical artworks that reflect on the ethics of digital industries and online connection in the context of media histories.

Recent experience includes consultancy at a co-design agency, and teaching at Victoria University of Wellington and Te Auaha in Aotearoa New Zealand. I have a background in graphic design practice and completed my undergrad at Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam.


------- Jayn's projects:

------- Jayn's exhibitions/publications:


LABS Leonardo Abstracts Service. Cloud computing as digital imaginary. Publication in LABs database of abstracts in the emerging intersection of art, science and/or technology.


Unpacking the Black Box. Shift Faculty Gallery, Faculty of Architecture and Design, July-September 2019. A critical provocation on cloud computing as digital imaginary through unpacking the black box from its quasi-transparent haze.
Cloud Cabinets. CAADRIA Intelligent and Informed: New Ways of Making exhibition.


Cloud forms. Faculty of Architecture and Design.


Message threads. Exploring interpersonal communication through smart phones as part of a media Masters’ study. Concerned Citizens Collective, Tory Street, Wellington.
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