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Team: Andrew Richardson (Northumbria University); Roger Thomas (Sunderland University); Sunderland BID; Sunderland Fab Lab.


Funder: Arts and Humanities Research Council


Timeframe: 2018 – 2019

Developed in partnership with Sunderland Business Improvement District (BID), the project combines community data mapping activities with creative design, visualisation and fabrication ‘data lab’, events in order to explore and innovate ways to collect, visualise, and share the experiences of individuals and communities within and around the Sunderland BID. Paper-based drawings and mapping activities were conducted in the city centre for participants to express their own individual moods and experiences in and around the BID area. These individual maps were captured and visualised into a series of unique data-postcards of the city and combined to create an experiential map of the area. This project continues to explore the combination of user centred activities and data visualisation techniques to enhance and explore ways of capturing and sharing experiential data from within city spaces. It is currently expanding to explore the application of interactive surfaces and Augmented Reality devices as a way to do this.


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