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Nantia Koulidou

Postdoctoral Researcher

Nantia Koulidou is a design researcher with a background in architecture, jewellery and participatory design. She follows research-through-design methodologies with a focus on craft practice and personal dialogue with participants. Understanding how people feel, and experience a situation is an important part of her design research practice. She recently awarded my PhD for her thesis: A practice-led inquiry into the nature of digital jewellery, from Northumbria University. Her doctoral research investigates how digital jewellery can open new ways of self-expression and personal meaningfulness during periods of micro-transitions. During her studies, she gave talks on digital jewellery, published and exhibited her work in various venues and conferences. Currently, she is a post-doc researcher at Northumbria University on the Enabling Ongoingness project, where she explores how digital objects could support dynamic, ongoing connections between family members at end of life and in bereavement.






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