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Natya: Doll of Thousand Faces

Funder: National Institute of Design, India

Team: Namrata Primlani, New Media Design, NID

Timeframe: 2020

Natya is a doll with multiple gender identities. Interchangeable faces facilitate the revelation of these multiple identities. Through conversation, both the child and Natya engage in explorations of gender and the discovery that none of us fit neatly into the male / female binary. Natya expresses the plurality of gender in establishing that our gender identities are constantly in flux, always morphing and changing character within our experiences and interactions.


Associated Impact: Natya opens the way to explorations around the gender of cultural artifacts such as dolls and social robots by studying cultural notions of gender in mythology, film and media.



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Primlani,N. 2016. Natya: Doll of thousand faces. Video.


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