Co Create

Sebastian Prost

Innovation Fellow

I work as the Innovation Fellow in Design and Co-Creation at the Centre for Digital Citizens (CDC). I’ve got a background in Human-Computer Interaction and Sociology. During my PhD I explored the role of participatory design and technology to scaffold community-led alternative food initiatives in the context of socio-economic deprivation. Within the CDC, research how co-creation can support digital citizenship and sustainable innovation. You can learn more about ongoing projects here.
I work collaboratively in participatory settings with stakeholder organisations and community members to co-create socially innovative initiatives. I draw on theories of democracy, social justice, and sustainability to understand how people can work together and develop local responses to global challenges. In my research and design practice I utilise participatory design and participatory action research methodologies. I am particularly interested in how design research can have long-lasting and sustainable impacts, going beyond short cycles of project funding.


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