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Tactile Transmediality

Surface Pleasures and the Fashioned Body

Sarah Gilligan

An interdisciplinary project exploring the representation, transformation and consumption of gendered identities on and beyond the screen.


Adopting a multi-modal approach, this research critically examines the symbiotic role of screen costuming and fashion within contemporary visual culture. This exploratory creative strand of my research uses reclaimed books to bridge the material distance between media representations, cultural artefacts and lived experiences.


Through combining reflective, critical and poetic free writing with experimental mark making strategies, I am developing an auto- theoretical feminist practice centring on the deconstruction and reconceptualisation of identities.

To cover and modify, to fragment and to displace desire through mark making, enables the body, clothing and identities to become abstracted and distorted. The boundaries of both the body and artefact are expanded and ruptured as they intersect with environmental elements. Surface pleasures become an expression of conflicting feelings, emotions, movement and the conceptual possibilities of garments.


These imagined, abstract sartorial cartographies function as an experimental, risk-taking space in which to move beyond the screen, embrace slow research, and explore alternative modes of critical thinking and analysis. They function as a feminist intervention: a reaction to the ceaseless flow of images that permeate our daily lives.

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