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The Sill Experience

Team: Suzanne Kobeisse, Andrew Richardson, Lars Erik Holmquist (Northumbria University); The SILL: National Landscape Discovery Centre.


Timeframe: 2019-2022

This doctoral research will explore the connections between physical artefacts and their digital representation at a cultural heritage site. A practice-led approach will consist of designing, developing and testing of a novel visitor experience that allows the visitors to immerse themselves in the Northumberland National Park landscape.

In partnership with the Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre, This PhD project will aim to breath life into the park rare historical artefacts. In an installation set at the Park’s new discovery centre, visitors will be able to pick up and hold virtual recreations of historical artefacts and examine them in a new light. The preliminary data will consist of digitized bronze-age artefacts uncovered during archaeological excavations. The Sill experience aims at delivering a new tangible augmented experience where visitors are invited to explore these objects in meaningful way.


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