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Viola Petrella

Doctoral Researcher

I’m a designer interested in how we work together. My background is in architecture, urban design and local development; my current research investigates the role and value of relationships in design and social innovation. I’ve worked on projects , both in Italy and in the UK, using design to foster collaboration in shaping services and spaces that can better respond to the needs of the local community: engaging patients and students in the design of postnatal health care services; designing with residents to make a case against the demolition of housing estates; involving middle school students and teachers in redefining the school as a commons through design. Generally, I’m interested in how people can self-organise and collaborate in a joyful, respectful, mutually supportive, emotionally healthy, productive way.





------- Viola's publications:

None at the moment, but come back later as there will be soon!

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