Rona Lee

Dr Rona Lee is an artist based in London and Professor of Fine Art at Northumbria University. She works in a process – based and critically engaged manner, combining performance, photography, sculpture and video with methods and technologies from other disciplines.

Recent work has been shaped by a concern with the politics and aesthetics of Geo-materiality along with the human / non-human entanglements of the Anthropocene. In Love with the Lithosphere (Florence Trust, London) ‘remixed’ landscape imagery from mid-century postcards and travel books – a period often referred to as the golden age of capitalism – imaginatively mining the legacies of that once bright future as a means to reflect on contemporary eco-relations. Previous projects – the lines no longer hold – Galerie Nord, Berlin 2017 and That Oceanic Feeling (in conjunction with the Marine Geosciences department of the National Oceanography Centre) – John Hansard Gallery 2012 have explored the sea as a material and discursive space. https://www.ronalee.org/that-oceanic-feeling.1/137/index. In 2017 Lee was selected from an international submission to create
A Necessary Darkness a video-mapped light projection on to the Renzo Piano-designed (NEMO) Science Museum, Amsterdam, (Amsterdam Light Festival) which was seen by over people 900,000 people. She is currently work on a project, in conjunction with the Great Museum of the North, Newcastle, researching Museum Geological collections from a post-human perspective.

Lee is a member of the steering group for Artquest a National Portfolio Organisation which works to support professional artists across their careers and also of the AHRC Peer Review College.

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Contact: rona.lee@northumbria.ac.uk
For further information see: www.ronalee.org