Grace Denton

Grace Denton is an artist born in West Yorkshire, now based in Newcastle upon Tyne. She began her PhD studentship at Northumbria University in January 2021, under the guidance of Christine Borland and Clark Lawlor. The proposed title of her project is The nominally sovereign body: A practice-based exploration of the language of self-governance through the prism of AD/HD

This body of work is concerned with the notion of sovereignty, self-governance, and the slippery language of individualism. This is played out against her experience of AD/HD, and the lack of self-actualisation the disability can lead to. She will explore (1) the semantic and political history of the sovereign in the popular imagination, and (2) the point at which we put language to experience, and engage in collective mythmaking around health, wellbeing, and political influence. Crucially, she will work with the Institute of Medical Humanities, Durham, who explore ‘how symptoms come into being and are given meaning in the everyday world’.

Denton’s practice employs autofiction, performance, sculpture and video. Previous exhibitions include: Unintimacy co-presented with Caitlin Merrett-King at The NewBridge Project : Newcastle, Something Good at Outpost Norwich and union jack emoji performed as part of Kathryn Elkin’s Seminar Day at BALTIC 39.

For further information see: http://www.gracedenton.co.uk/
Contact: grace.e.m.denton@northumbria.ac.uk