Daksha Patel

Daksha Patel is a Manchester based artist researcher whose work encompasses installation, animation, textiles, print and drawing. She has an on-going interest in scientific processes of measurement, mapping and visualisation. Her residencies and research engage with a wide range of contexts such as medical science, applied mathematics, astronomy, museology conservation and textiles manufacturing.

Recent exhibitions and commissions include ‘The Fossilised Sea’ (Lumiere Durham, 2021; ‘Symbiotic Morphology’ International Biennial: Art, Paper Fibre, Taiwan (2021); ‘Modelling Morecambe Bay’ Lancaster University, 2021; ‘Wateriness series’ Liverpool Biennial, 2021; and ‘Misprints’ (DCA, Dundee, 2019). Her new animation ‘in the same breath‘ (commissioned by Animate Projects, 2020), combines creative coding with the hand drawn. This work evolved out of her PhD research ‘Noise+Signal’ (2018) at Northumbria University.

Daksha is currently working with a dancer for a filmed performance in the Life Science museum at King’s College, London which will be the culmination of her residency in the anatomy department ).

For further information see: www.dakshapatel.co.uk
Contact: daksha9@btinternet.com