Marianne Wilde

Marianne Wilde is a visual artist and researcher whose work focuses on the relationship between art and science and with collaborative and interactive contemporary arts projects between the artist’s studio and the scientific laboratory. Her practice is concerned with collaborative cross-disciplinary projects that use the visual images and objects of a fine art practice as narrative and explanation in the wider environment.

Wilde uses mixed media in her work that is wide ranging in form; often using experimental and /or unstable materials in her studio practice. In particular her work considers the methods and materials that are used to visualise the medicalised and diseased human body and the ways in which diseases are visually, linguistically and culturally represented.

Wilde completed her PhD: Seeing & Saying: Visual imaginings for disease causing genetic mutations at Northumbria University in collaboration with Treat NMd, Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle in 2012. Recent projects include a Research Fellowship at the Great North Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne, carrying out research around the now extinct Great Auk,  the work and exhibition considered some of the ethical challenges around the genetic technologies that we are currently using for gene editing in particular CRISPR cas9 –and how this can be used in de-extinction projects.

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Contact: marianne@mariannewilde.com