Blanca Pujals

Blanca Pujals is an architect, spatial researcher and critical writer. Her cross-disciplinary practice is based on spatial research and critical analysis to engage with questions of contemporary culture, philosophy of science and transnational politics, developing tools for undertaking analysis through different visual and sonic devices. She approaches geographies of power on bodies and territories and the material conditions of regimes of representation. Her work encompasses film, architecture, lecturing, curatorial projects, teaching and critical writing.

She got her BA in Architecture at Barcelona School of Architecture. She completed her studies with a MA in Critical Theory and Museum Studies at the Independent Studies Program of MACBA Museum, tutored by the philosopher Paul B.Preciado. She was recently a postgraduate at the Centre for Research Architecture (Visual Cultures Department) at Goldsmiths University of London, directed by Susan Schuppli and Eyal Weizman.

She is currently developing her practice-led PhD in Arts and Sciences at the BxNU Institute (Baltic Center for Contemporary Art and Northumbria University), about the geopolitics and aesthetics of the Fundamental Science infrastructures, based at Baltic 39. Her project ‘A Synthetic Universe. The Unmaking of Microscopic Bonds in Transnational Space’, proposes an artistic reading of these new architectures for containing and artificially reproducing the fundamental laws of nature while questioning how they amplify political and new material interactions. These hybrid urban environments are comprised of a number of scientists, particles, politics and technologies working together for the production of knowledge, and to translate a world not perceptible to humans. Thus, elementary particles laboratories are producing hybrid systems of transnational and transhuman collaborations. The project aims to explore particle physics and its infrastructure, that is, the physical and spatial articulations of contemporary science.

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