dark, liquid

Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin
08.12.2017 – 13.01.2018

This international exhibition, funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Department of Culture addressed both, the fundamental indeterminacy of the Sea is and the intrinsic mediality of different methods of studying it, asking what marine space can become within various discourses and knowledge systems. As well as exhibiting four existing works Rona Lee created a live drawing for the exhibition which sought to emphasize spatial materiality of marine depth and temporality, problematizing cartological processes of fixing and flattening that reduce it to a geographic surface.

The lines no longer hold used two oceanographic maps, with carbon paper inserted between. Over 5 hours the areas of depth marked on the top map were progressively filled in – an action which covered the surface of both with somatic marks while simultaneously generating a third reversed map on the carbon paper. All three maps were subsequently displayed in the gallery