BLACK BOX at Bioverse, Summerhall Visual Arts

LIMULUS, 2013. Karen Kramer

For Bioverse, curated by Summerhall Visual Arts and ASCUS Art and Science for Edinburgh Science Festival, BLACK BOX presents a 120-minute programme of 11 short films on the theme of KINSHIP. Focusing on the different forms of relation that begin with the body, from viral and cellular interactions to the familial relationships affected by genetic disease, these films allow us to contemplate the revolutions of life through our relationships to both human and non-human beings. Including award-winning films from artists, Karen Kramer and Jacqueline Donachie, KINSHIP asks what is the extent of our relationships with other bodies (human and otherwise)? How do we relate to the cells and viruses that comprise our body? How do scientists relate to patients and how do patients relate to others? Who or what connects us, who is host and who is guest?
BLACK BOX is supported by the Cultural Negotiation of Science, Northumbria University and the Biosciences Institute, Newcastle University.

Exhibition Launch: Friday 8th April 2022| 18:00 – 21:00| Summerhall Gallery Bar| Drop in
Opening times: Saturday 9th April 2022 – Thursday 9 June 2022|Wed – Sun| 12:00 – 18:00

Running time: 120 minutes | Individual film durations vary

Where: 1, Summerhall, Newington, Edinburgh EH9 1PL | Corner Gallery
Tickets: Drop in | FREE, donations welcome
Audience: 12+

Guidance: Some films contain scenes that some viewers may find uncomfortable. Whilst there is no age specific content guidance, and viewing of all films is at the discretion of parents.

Presented by Summerhall and ASCUS Art & Science