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Explaining the intangible – How UX designers conceptualise the potential responsible innovation opportunities of artificial intelligence enabled uses of personal data

Funder: AHRC


Team: Leila Hogarth, Jo Briggs, Jamie Steane (Northumbria University); Hedgehog Labs.


Timeframe: 2019-2022

This PhD project, led by Leila Hogarth, will use design research to investigate vital issues around the ‘explainability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled uses of data’. It focuses on take up, understandings, current and near-future applications of AI by digital design studios. This approach will co-develop understandings of strategic innovation potential, as identified in the AI Sector Deal by the UK government, contributing critical understandings of the opportunities, challenges and accountabilities around how AI, as a complex new ‘black box’ data technology, is understood and designed for in a responsible innovation context. The research will be enabled through a series of industry design case studies. This approach aims to both enable investigation and documentation of current practices while also fostering academic collaboration and knowledge exchange with industry.


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