Angelika Strohmayer

Senior Lecturer
Northumbria University Research Portal

I am an interdisciplinary researcher, working closely with third sector organisations and other stakeholders to creatively integrate participatory textiles making and digital technologies in service delivery and advocacy work. My research is inspired by feminist participatory action research, research through design, and creative practice. I aim to work collaboratively on in-the-world projects that engage people at all stages of the research process to engender change towards a more just world. I am dedicated to the inclusion of under- and- misrepresented voices in research, design, and academia and proactively work towards equality, diversity, and inclusion. As part of this, I am a founding member and co-leader of, a feminist technology collecting aiming to raise awareness of, and improve experiences by people who are made marginal in HCI and technology research more widely. I work across boundaries, bringing together disparate groups to engage in creative and digital endeavours for personal wellbeing, community engagement, and public advocacy.

Angelika's Projects


Formulating Design Justice in Humanitarian Contexts


Technology for Activism and Social Justice


The Partnership Quilt


Trust and Abusability Toolkit




Embroidering Protection

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