Catherine Glover

Senior Lecturer
Northumbria University Research Portal

Catherine Glover is a fashion researcher and PhD student. Her research specialism is transnational storytelling and how social and brand communities enact story processes that inspire grassroots action, employing narrative inquiry as the principal methodology. She has published articles on the luxury brand Rapha, Harris Tweed, the Tweed Run, and her role as a madoguchi reporting on British fashion, craft, design and architecture for Japanese avant-garde publication, Hanatsubaki.

Her research has appeared in the Critical Journal of Fashion and Beauty (11.1), International Journal of Fashion (4.2), Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management (22.1) and Understanding Luxury Fashion: From Emotions to Brand Building (Palgrave Macmillan, eds. Cantista and Sábada, 2019). She has presented her research to peer and industry audiences at the Global Fashion Conference 2016, 2018, 2020 and the Design History 2019 ‘Cost of Design’ conference. She is currently researching into nostalgia and clothing, Fashion Revolution and the paradoxical nature of fashion and sustainability, and writing autobiographical fashion poetry.

Prior to academia, Catherine worked for fifteen years in industry as a luxury fashion PR, design journalist, copyeditor, and editorial coordinator in arts publishing. Her links with industry continue to inform both research projects and research-led teaching through live collaborative projects with professional partners and social initiatives.

Catherine's Projects


Transnational Fashion Storytelling

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