Chawisa Deesomboon

Doctoral Researcher
Northumbria University Research Portal

I was born in Bangkok, Thailand and moved to Newcastle, United Kingdom in 2011. I majored in BA Fashion Design and Marketing at Northumbria University and did my placement year at Jonathan Saunders (Production & Press) and Urban Outfitters (Press). My interest in cross-disciplinary work emerged during my Masters in Performance Product Design where I investigated the technological transfer and cross-disciplinary approach of digital design or 3D modelling in architecture and how it could be utilised in fashion. From the successful experience with ‘REVERSE by CHAWISA’ using 3D modelling for fashion, I truly believe that collaborating with professionals from different fields of study will help add value to current work and produce more innovative results. I am currently going into my 2nd year of my PhD in Industrial Design which involves research in biomaterials x design x technology for various application spaces.

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