Chris Elsden

Visiting Researcher

Chris Elsden is a visiting researcher at CoCreate, having worked on the EPSRC-funded OxChain project, where he led user-centred and speculative co-design activities with research partners to explore the future of philanthropy and international development with the emergence of blockchain technologies.

Chris is an interaction design researcher, with a background in sociology, and expertise in the human experience of a data-driven life. Using and developing innovative design research methods, his work undertakes diverse, qualitative and often speculative engagements with participants to investigate emerging relationships with technology – particularly data-driven tools and blockchain technologies. In so doing, he hopes to reveal the many nuanced relationships people and organisations have with digital technology in their everyday lives, and use these insights to identify new and future opportunities for design. He now holds a post-doctoral research position in the Design Informatics group at the University of Edinburgh.

Chris’s Publications

See an up to date list of Chris’s publications on the Northumbria University Research Portal and Google Scholar.

Chris’ projects




Blockchain for Civic Good


Speculative Enactments

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