Daniel Harrison

Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellow

Northumbria University Research Portal

My research lies in the area of digital health and wellbeing and personal informatics. I’m interested in how digital technologies can support people in managing their health and reach their wellness goals, being mindful of potentially negative consequences. I have a cross-disciplinary background and research interests in human-computer interaction, behavior change, health informatics, personal tracking and the application of AI, with experience in design and clinical settings. I have been described as a designer, computer scientist, social scientist and ethnographic researcher. I enjoy undertaking and analyzing qualitative, ethnographic research, as well as prototyping and evaluating digital systems. I have previously worked as a senior research assistant in CoCreate, on the design and evaluation of the Pears peer-support tool as part of the Loneliness in the Digital Age project. I have also previously worked in The Georgia Institute of Technology and Microsoft Research Cambridge.

Daniel's Projects


Loneliness in the Digital Age




Understanding Fatigue In Healthcare

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