Dhrumin Giasotta

Doctoral Researcher

Northumbria University Research Portal

Dhrumin Giasotta has a multidisciplinary background, comprising of architecture, automotive, fashion, industrial and communication design. He started his research journey from his education in architecture, where understanding people in context to space lightened a deep-rooted interest to uncover the variable human aspects and its impact on space and design. Furthermore, this quest further developed while he was studying Bachelors in automotive design. The curiosity here was to understand the user research in the design process and various inter-relational aspects of design connected to strategy, functions and operations. Masters in design management from Northumbria University, opened new pathways for him to understand the credo of design thinking and interdependency of theory and practice in design with exposure of working on live projects with the industry. This comprehensive experience of the journey reflects to being an active practitioner in his design-led company. This experience enables him to develop a strategic value for clients, process, systems and services offerings for the company. Primarily now he is now a focused Postgraduate researcher in Design department working with the R&D unit of Procter and Gamble, and his objective is to find ways to implement design thinking approach within the organisation.

Dhrumin's Projects


Embedding Design Thinking in Multinational Organisations

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