Erica Vanucci

Doctoral Researcher

After getting a BA in Communication, Languages and Cultures (Siena University, IT), fascinated on how Anthropology, Sociology, Cognitive Psychology have been contributing to Design Research practices, I decided to undertake a MSc. in IT-Product Design (Southern Denmark University, DK) with a Major in Wearable Technologies. Through my Master, I developed a strong interest for craftsmanship practices and basic electronics. Through a critical and participatory design approach, my MSc. thesis explored the impact of the introduction of digital tools in craftsmanship practices. My PhD at Northumbria University focuses in craftsmanship practices in relation to Design. I am currently in my second year and I am researching ways of crafting critical and participatory speculative artefacts of work, to think about handmade and digital craftsmanship values with craft practitioners and designers. With diverse degrees of success, I am engage different practitioners in my research. I also have a very strong interest for anything that relates to Cultural Heritage, Visual Anthropology and Photo-journalism.

Erica's Projects


Design Beyond Traditional, Contemporary and Digital Craftsmanship

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