Jacob Goff

Doctoral Researcher

Northumbria University Research Portal

My research explores the impact a fashion designer can have on the wearable technology space. I became interested in this topic whilst studying towards a MA degree in Performance Product Design at Northumbria in 2015. Working under a student sponsorship with Berghaus, I developed an electronically embedded glove for the brand based around the idea of navigation and screenless intuition. As an apparel designer, I found myself arguably more invested in the fit and construction of the glove than the technology that it contained, coming to the conclusion that practitioners in fields concerning soft, flexible textiles can make nuanced contributions to traditionally hard and attachable (rather than wearable) technology products. My PhD is titled ‘Wearable Technology from an Apparel Designer’s Perspective’ and aims to continue this line of enquiry by recording and analysing my own practice as a performance apparel designer.

Jacob's Projects


Wearable Technology from an Apparel Designer’s Perspective

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