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Professor Jon Rogers is Professor of Design at Northumbria School of Design. Previously he held a personal chair in Creative Technology at the University of Dundee and is a senior research fellow at the Mozilla Foundation. His work explores the human intersection between digital technologies and the design of physical of things. He balances playful technologies with cultural and societal needs to find new ways to connect people to each other and to their data in an approach that explores not just what is possible but also what is responsible.

Jon founded the Product Research Studio and has worked with organisations like BBC, Microsoft, NASA, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Jon has a PhD in neural networks from Imperial College London and built up his knowledge while being a tutor and researcher at the Royal College of Art. He is currently based in Berlin’s Mozilla offices, working with the foundation to build the Open IoT Studio. A project that seeks to advance responsible open IoT through professional practices and a network of practitioners who conduct research, make prototypes and build meaningful collaborations. He lives between Berlin and Fife. Swapping lakes and forests for big fires and cold seas.

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