Mersha Aftab


Mersha was a Senior Lecturer at the School of Design between 2012 and 2019.

Dr. Mersha Aftab is currently a senior lecturer in Design Management and the course director for postgraduate design management courses at Birmingham City University. Since 2013, her research has revealed that for design to be a leading functional discipline within an organisation and lead breakthrough innovations, designers must have the connector-integrator (interdisciplinary) capability, i.e. the ability to connect different disciplines to work together. Mersha’s work has led her to collaborate with Nokia, Daimler, Sony Erricson, Lego, Google, and Samsung. Mersha’s interest also lies in exploring the role of design in triggering a change in the culture of organisations

Mersha’s Publications

See an up to date list of Mersha’s publications on the Northumbria University Research Portal and Google Scholar.

Mersha’s projects


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