Nick Spencer

Associate Professor
Northumbria University Research Portal

My research relates to Design for Social Innovation. Specifically, my work engages with the complexities of transition; the conflicting views and influence of different people and organisations and their collective roles in realising fairer, responsible and more rewarding futures. Through a practice based approach my research explores how capabilities can be developed and embedded that initiate desirable transition and help non-design experts to continue an appropriate design practice within their professional or community setting.

I have expertise in Design Thinking and Design Innovation, topics I am invited to speak about to academic, corporate and public sector audiences. I am often commissioned to lead projects that bring the public and multiple organisations together to examine and respond creatively and strategically to complex situations. I am part of a range of significant European networks interested in Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship and leverage these to support the scaling and dissemination of new practice and exciting initiatives.

Nick's Projects


Creative Fuse North East

Version 2

Creative Spark: Get Ready to Innovate Armenia


Design-Led Multidisciplinary Innovation Education


Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 3

18-Impact-by-Rapid-DesignPhD-Blurb-Pic-3_Justine-Carrion-Weis-1024x1024 (1)

Impact by Rapid Design


Multi-Disciplinary Innovation for Social Change


Policymaking and HCI


Salon: Rethinking the Future


Unilever|Northumbria Partnership

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