Rachel Clarke


Rachel worked in the School of Design between October 2016 and May 2020, initially as a Postdoctoral Research Associate and then Research Fellow.

Rachel is Senior Lecturer at Open Lab, Newcastle University. Her research focus is on the politics of participation for design of technology used in intercultural care and cultural services. Her research approaches are interdisciplinary developed from socially engaged arts, science and technology studies (STS) and HCI with a focus on materials, narratives, and images to explore experiences of displacement, migration, belonging, gender inequality and exclusion.

Rachel’s research projects are funded by the British Academy, EPSRC and Research England and include working with indigenous Palestinian youth on digital representation, land and housing rights, young Ugandan refugees, mobile infrastructures and creative livelihoods and environmental community stewards on multispecies data interactions.

Before completing my PhD she was trained in the visual and performing arts, collaborating with national and international theatre companies and arts organisations for over a decade prior to starting a research career.

Rachel’s Publications

See an up to date list of Rachel’s publications on the Northumbria University Research Portal and Google Scholar.

Rachel’s projects


Designing Social Innovation in Asia-Pacific


Social Innovation in Asia-Pacific Experience Centered Security


Issrar – Youth Agency for Sustainable Development


Mediating Trust: Co-creative Making Workshop Resources

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