Rafiq Elmansy

Doctoral Researcher

Northumbria University Research Portal

I’m a published author, design lecturer, and researcher at Northumbria University in the UK. Previosuly, I was a lecturer at the American University in Cairo. My field experience includes 17 years of expeience working in user experience and interactive design projects. I am also an Adobe Certified Insturctor taking part of many of Adobe projects, and member of the Adobe Education Leaders.My books are published by John Wiley, Talyor and Francis, Apress, and o’Reilly Media. I am the founder of Designorate.com, an open-access platform to teach design thinking, design management and innovation.My design was exhibited in different countires and I am a jury board member in different competitions including the A’Design Awards, ADAA Awards, and Poster for Tomorrow.

Rafiq's Projects


Enabling Self-Administered Healthcare Technology


Noctura 400

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