Robert Djaelani

Doctoral Researcher
Northumbria University Research Portal

By delivering great user research and asking all the right questions I offer actionable plans and compelling findings to charities, government, non-government organisations and businesses.

With a strong research methodology, derived from my MSc in Design Ethnography I aim to discover meaning, understand human behaviour, define future strategy and identify the barriers and opportunities in any situation.

Through careful planning and clear management, learned through experience in managing a range of projects I can diagnose issues, guide policy and planning and create action on the ground. Through leveraging the right assets it is possible to create significant change with minimal effort.

Risk and issue management is important within any changing system. My experience within the third sector has taught me how to resolve unexpected issues promptly, minimize threats and capitalize on opportunities quickly with decisive action.

Subjects I am interested in include:

Understanding the impact of designed services on specific cultures.

Identifying the role of memories and thoughts that lead to knowledge transfer in a human network.

Assisting users with mental pathologies in extreme environments, such as prisons or hospitals.

Such interests have proven valuable in organisational learning, audience and stakeholder engagement as well as programme and project development. I am an energetic worker, capable of delivering insights, adding value to services and creating captivating narratives about users.

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