Rose Wong

Senior Lecturer
Northumbria University Research Portal

Rose Wong has worked as a Senior Lecturer on the BA (Hons) 3D Design and BA (Hons) Design for Industry courses at Northumbria University, and is currently the Programme Leader on BA (Hons) Design for Industry course. Prior to this, she worked as a ‘Designer in Residence’ at Northumbria University, which operates as an in-house design consultancy employing successful students graduating from 3D Design. This venture has helped many of Northumbria University’s Design School graduates become successful freelance designers, demonstrating a nurture of entrepreneurial skills in our alumni.

Rose's Projects

59-Crowdsourcing-Platform-for-Product-Development- (1)

Crowdsourcing Technologies for Product Design and Development


Enhancing Product Design Quality through Crowdsourcing

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