Sara Ogilvie

Senior Lecturer
Northumbria University Research Portal

Sara Ogilvie was born in Edinburgh and attended the Edinburgh College of Art. Her work has been featured in exhibitions in North America, Poland, Japan, South Korea and France. She has worked as a visiting artist/lecturer at Minneapolis School of Art and Design, Malaspina Printmakers in Vancouver and Marcilhac-sur-cele Stone Lithography Workshop in France. Her solo and group exhibitions have been held in Edinburgh, Dundee, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Vancouver, Krakow, Texas, Vienna and Japan, and her work is featured in many public collections, including Queens University, Belfast, the Moscow Contemporary Art Museum and the Hyundai Art Centre, in South Korea. Her awards include the Heriot Watt Medal In 1993, the Visual Arts Prize, DCA / University of Abertay Dundee and the Northern Print Studio Purchase Prize, 2007. She lives in Newcastle upon Tyne and works as Senior Lecturer in Illustration and Graphic Design at Northumbria University and as a freelance illustrator.

Sara's Projects


Izzy Gizmo

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